An Acropolis Dating from the Classical Greek Period

Crowned with the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the Acropolis of Rhodes overlooks the entire city of Rhodes, with unique views of the city and the shores of Turkey, across the sea. The ancient stadium and the odeon (theatre) from the Hellenistic period have been well preserved and are perfect for hosting events and picnics alike.

The Athletic Tradition of Rhodes

The deep blue Ialyssos Bay was the home of the ancient state of Ialyssos, the home of Diagoras and his family, the Diagorides!

Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Bask in the sun, sea, service, and reenergizing pools of our beachside resort—a short drive from the medieval treasures of Old Town Rhodes.


Rhodes island is full of monuments, historical or natural, attractions and venues for you to enjoy a unique stay.