Strolling the Mykonos’s Pleasant Atmosphere

The Old Port was the island’s only Port up until mid 00’s. The port used to serve as the docking bay for all commercial ferry boats, sea jets, and rarely private yachts in its inactive hours. Since the opening of the New Port (Tourlos), the Old Port reserves a very small section for commercial use and focuses primarily on private yachts and fishing boats.

Join SPG member Katrina, as she shows you the tranquil and sophisticated side of Mykonos

The feelings you get when you set foot on Mykonos are those of tranquility and sophistication. A busy realtor during the week, for Katrina, Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy the island lifestyle.

Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos

Overlooking the Aegean Sea from a private peninsula bordered by sparkling sand and lush gardens is Mykonos’ most exclusive resort.


Mykonos is a world-renowned, cosmopolitan island ideal for couples, families and friends.