Islands of Lava and Ash

Palea and Nea Kameni are two mainly uninhabited volcanic islands within the caldera of Santorini, formed over the past 2 millennia, by volcanic eruptions. The first eruptions are thought to have happened circa 197 B.C.. Their names mean “Old burnt island” and “New burnt island” respectively.

Conde Nast Traveler - Readers' Choice Awards 2018

Recently, the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2018 saw readers answer survey questions in order to determine a list of the favorites, and The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts in Greece triumphed once again.

A Quick Guide to Santorini

With some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and pretty clifftop villages perched above the Aegean Sea, Santorini is for many people heaven on earth.

A Journey of Memories in Greece with The Luxury Collection - Part II

Hello, I'm Oliver Astrologo and this, in short, is my experience in Greece with The Luxury Collection. We continue to Crete, Mykonos and Santorini, as I am trying to discover magnificent destinations around this amazing country.