Bernstein inside characters – gifted, gay and you can loved by his wife

London (Reuters) – It could be among saddest but most loving emails published by a woman so you’re able to a guy – Chilean celebrity Felicia Montealegre telling their future husband, conductor and you can composer Leonard Bernstein, she understands he’s homosexual but wants to get married your anyhow.

The page, where Montealegre states “you are a homosexual and you ong multiple within the a current regularity “The latest Letters of Leonard Bernstein” edited from the English sounds student Nigel Simeone, whom in the past had written a book in the Bernstein’s well known Broadway tunes “West Side Tale”.

Bernstein when you look at the emails – skilled, homosexual and well-liked by his partner

Into the volume of characters, 650 of these within the a book out-of almost that many users, Simeone said he’d sifted courtesy particular ten,100000 from the You.S. Collection out of Congress published by this new respected Bernstein, which have missives dating from their youngsters up to their demise into the October 1990, and out of his correspondents.

“We generated three stacks right after which experience new bunch of ‘need certainly to haves’ and you can make the grade from the about half,” Simeone informed Reuters. “I were left with what i thought got something to say in the your, on the his songs otherwise their community or his members of the family that have been of interest.”

The fresh new ensuing frequency includes letters back and forth some of the larger names within the tunes of history millennium, such as the composer Aaron Copland, who was an early influence, conductor Serge Koussevitsky, whom helped provide your a start since a conductor, and the composer David Diamond, who was simply a friend.

Almost every other music names may include soprano Maria Callas, exactly who saw Bernstein early because the a giant ability and had him so you can run on her behalf during the Los angeles Scala opera home for the Milan, so you’re able to Pierre Boulez, Nadia Boulanger, Charles Chew and you can Dmitri Mitropolous.

A lot of these could be mostly interesting toward audio industry, but some are touching, including the ones out of Montealegre, or cast another type of white on historical incidents.

One of the latter is the one of You.S. President John F. Kennedy’s widow Jacqueline, creating in the 1968 after Bernstein got setup a monument performance having JFK’s assassinated sis Robert. It starts: “It’s 4:00 are – following this long, long day”.

It goes onto thank your to own cutting through the latest church bureaucracy to prepare having Mahler and Verdi played during the Robert Kennedy’s memorial Mass.

“I thought it the most wonderful audio I had have you ever heard,” Jacqueline Kennedy produces. “I’m thus grateful I didn’t know it – it actually was this unusual audio of the many gods who have been weeping.”

Simeone said he was thrilled whenever Caroline Kennedy, the newest child off JFK and you will Jackie, consented to assist your make use of it.

“Some one believed to me personally it is good but there is no chance for the heck you’re going to get to use it. I need to enjoys stuck this lady to the a go out since I did not had a nicer respond out-of Caroline claiming, ‘Exactly what a beautiful page, needless to say you can utilize it’.”

Revealing Correspondence

One of Bernstein’s extremely sharing items of interaction has been Copland, brand new blogger of one’s voice of your American west within his ballets “Rodeo” and you may “Billy the little one”, so you’re able to who the younger man for the 1940 shown his frustrations, asking: “Why habit Chopin mazurkas? Why behavior probably the Copland distinctions?”

That Copland sagely replied: “Exactly what terrifying letters you build: complement the brand new flames is really what he could be. Consider exactly how much you would have to pay to access such a letter 40 years out of now when you find yourself conductor of your own (New york) Philharmonic” – and this Bernstein was to become 18 age later.

The brand new letter off Montealegre, composed, the book states, either in later 1951 or very early 1952, need certainly to review even when as one of the extremely careful and holding “prenuptial preparations” toward checklist:

“First: We are not dedicated to a lifestyle phrase – nothing is very irrevocable, not even marriage (in the event I used to think so),” Montealegre typed.

“Second: you are a gay and may also never alter – you never acknowledge to the possibility of a double life, if your peace of mind, your wellbeing, your whole nervous system rely on a certain intimate trend, so what can you will do?

“Third: I am happy to deal with you while, without being an effective martyr or losing myself to your L.B. altar. (I happen to love your a whole lot – it an illness assuming it is what finest cure?)”

Even after the woman which have went with eyes wide open on the a marriage one to put a couple of college students and you can and that after letters let you know try greatly satisfying and you can pleasing, Montealegre you may never have predict new terrible comeuppance she got when she created malignant tumors and you will Bernstein quit this lady having a masculine lover.

While the pair was reconciled soon ahead of Felicia’s dying when you look at the 1978, Simeone sees it a decreased point in Bernstein’s otherwise distinguished job and you may motivating lifetime.

“At the very least he had sense when anyone told you, ‘To possess Christ’s sake, type they out’, he had the sense commit running to Felicia.