Unique Journeys

Travel through Greece and Cyprus as we encounter some of the most fascinating destination experiences, culinary moments, authentic traditions and the best views. We journey to magnificent Hotels & Resort through the eyes of famed photographers and videographers to capture memorable adventures and escapes of a lifetime. Join us!

A Cinemagraph Journey in Greece

Take a journey through fascinating Cinemagraphs and discover the real Greece. Follow the adventures of Nige and Rosie across Southern Greece.
white boat on calm sea water

Journey of Memories

Take a journey through the eyes of videographer Oliver Astrologo and discover all the memorable experiences offered at the Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts in Greece.
flat lay photography of cooked foods

Epicurean Journey

Travel through Greece as we encounter some of the most enchanting culinary moments, experience authentic cooking traditions and explore delicious native ingredients.
Santorini, Greece

360° Journey of Blue

Experience the enchanting magic of the blue with our 360 degree tour of six amazing destinations in Greece. Six destinations, nine amazing Hotels & Resorts, a kaleidoscope of blue from the turquoise blue waters to the sky.

Defend Greece, because to them we owe our lights, our sciences and all of our virtues.

– Voltaire