A 360° Journey of Blue

Experience the enchanting magic of the blue with our 360 degree tour of six amazing destinations in Greece. Six destinations, nine amazing SPG Hotels & Resorts, a kaleidoscope of blue from the turquoise blue waters to the sky. Guided by breathtaking 360 degree images captured by the lens of photographers Richard McDonald and Kim Perry, we take you on a visually stimulating and gratifying island hopping experience.

A panorama of rich scenic views, “360° Journey of Blue” will indulge your senses as it shares the magic we experienced from the luxurious Costa Navarino in nature’s handpicked Messinia to the enchanting elegance of our hotels in the historical Athens. It whispers the story of the wild beauty of Crete where we stayed at the beautiful Blue Palace Resort, fills your lungs with the fresh breezes of Rhodes, Island of the Knights, unveils the legendary lifestyle of Mykonos, bringing the curtains down with a taste of life at an authentic village retreat in Santorini where our amazing trip ended.

360° destinations in Greece
  • bird's eyeview of buildings
    Map with a marker pinpointing Santorini


    Santorini is the shimmering pearl of the Aegean Sea, born of a fiery volcanic explosion in 1450 B.C. The island gracefully curves around a caldera, merging the tranquility of the sea with a brilliant, rugged landscape. Sip outstanding local wines, duck into jewel-box sized museums packed with artifacts, squeeze in with the locals at inviting tavernas and line up nightly for one of the world’s most glorious sunset shows.

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  • aerial photography of pool
    Map with a marker pinpointing Crete


    Crete is a magical tapestry of Minoan ruins, some of Mediterranean’s most celebrated beaches, dreamy villages, countless tiny churches and dramatic gorges, where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine and a uniquely generous spirit. This is the place where people can cultivate a connection to what they eat, drink and experience.

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  • fish eye photography of green dock
    Map with a marker pinpointing Rhodes


    Land of the Colossus, daughter of the Sun, Island of the Knights, Rhodes boasts world heritage monuments, unique natural sites, picturesque villages, endless sand and pebble beaches and wonderful sunsets over Anatolia.

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  • brown concrete building near pool
    Map with a marker pinpointing Mykonos


    The energy you will feel in Mykonos from the moment of arrival is unique. This sophisticated celebrity-favoured island is an example of minimalist Cycladic architecture. In Hora, the picturesque town of Mykonos, illuminated windmills and Little Venice make you feel like you’ve landed in an enormous picture postcard, perfect down to the finest detail.

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  • fish eye photography of building
    Map with a marker pinpointing Athens


    A city full of monuments, priceless archaeological treasures and world-famous museums. In its heart one will find two of the most luxurious and historic hotels, Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel and King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, featuring roof-top restaurants with a view of the Acropolis, an awarded Spa, luxurious rooms and suites, and world class service.

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  • fish eye photography swimming pool beside sun loungers
    Map with a marker pinpointing Costa Navarino

    Costa Navarino

    Largely untouched by mass tourism, Costa Navarino harbors cultural values, traditions and a history of more than 4,500 years, which live in harmony with one of the most stunning scenic landscapes of the Mediterranean.

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NATURAL BLUE in Costa Navarino

Bathed in the eternal Greek sun, this eco-friendly destination offers a unique Mediterranean experience that’s set against unspoiled nature, rich cultural values, and a history that spans more than 4500 years. Expect to be swept away by panoramic views of stunning landscapes, lured by sandy beaches, and soothed by heavenly warm waters. Costa Navarino is filled with treasures that satisfies the palate of any adventurous traveller, the modern, historic, and the hidden, all existing in harmony with nature. A 5-star experience awaits at The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort or The Westin Resort, and swing by the signature Dunes Golf Course all in Navarino Dunes.


Historical yet edgy, the adventurous traveller will find a wealth of treasures to explore. Monuments, priceless archaeological treasures, world-famous museums, and modern historic hotels. History and modernization come together at the heart of the city to produce two of the most luxurious hotels, the neo-classical 19th-century Hotel Grande Bretagne and King George, both Luxury Collection Hotels. Take advantage of the world class service on offer. Enjoy a view from the hotel’s roof-top restaurants. Sleep like royalty in luxurious rooms and suites and relax at the awarded Spa. Explore Athens’ endless coastline and beautiful beaches and bask in the breathtaking sunset at Cape Sounion.

WILD BLUE in Crete

Crete, the largest island in Greece has it all. This is the perfect destination for the traveller with an intense desire for freedom to roam, enjoy great food and luxurious accommodations. Top beaches, sleepy villages, amazing architecture, an abundance of Minoan ruins, countless tiny churches and dramatic gorges, a delectable cuisine, friendly locals, and emblematic sea views are only some of the offerings that makes Crete distinctive and beautiful. The 5-star Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, is located in the magical Elounda. Enjoy complete privacy and bespoke services. Dine at world class restaurants, and lounge on a private beach with every water sport.


From the Knights to the mythical Colossus, daughter of the Sun, Rhodes a rich mosaic of cultures. History effortlessly blends in with the present in one Europe’s most famous and sought-after vacation destinations. Ideally located, the Sheraton Rhodes Resort allows for easy access and exploration of the endless treasures and attractions this island has to offer. From the resort’s own sparkling pools, private beach, and terrace view of the magical sunset to the emerald waters and vast sandy beaches, gourmet restaurants, picturesque villages, castles and ancient civilisations to traditional tavernas serving sumptuous local cuisines, the Island of the Knights beckons.


The atmosphere of Mykonos is fascinating. Glamour and simplicity meet, creating a journey to definitely remember. The picturesque capital town, Hora, with its minimalist Cycladic architecture is a captivating attraction for visitors. From the picture perfect postcard effect of the illuminated windmills, Little Venice, narrow marble streets and whitewashed houses and tucked away churches, the town enchants its visitors. Vacation at the Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort & Villas that is popular among explorers and collectors of the world’s island idyll experiences. Enjoy exquisite views the only private beach on Mykonos.

AEGEAN BLUE in Santorini

Santorini with its romantic sunsets, multicoloured cliffs with white Cycladic houses running along the top and spilling down the terrace in places will take your breath away. Sunset in Santorini will leave you awestruck as the reflection of the sun on the houses and colourful cliffs creates magic. Formed from a 1450 B.C fiery volcanic explosion, Santorini is almost a year round attraction. Stay at the enchanting Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort located in the medieval village of Megalochori or at Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel on the cliffs of Oia town and go out and explore the island’s intrigue. Mix and mingle with locals, have fun, sip on some outstanding local wine, and go exploring again.

Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos

Overlooking the Aegean Sea from a private peninsula bordered by sparkling sand and lush gardens Santa Marina, is Mykonos’ most exclusive resort. Beauty and high-end aesthetics are unveiled in your every step, inviting you to an unparalleled summer experience.

Blue Palace Elounda, a Luxury Collection Resort, Crete

Overlooking cerulean waters and featuring 142 private pools, Blue Palace, elegantly blends Greek culture with outstanding service and grace. Escape to the wild beauty and unrivaled island style of a luxe resort, where time seems to stand still.

The Westin Resort Costa Navarino

Inspired by old Messinian mansions, the resort’s low-rise villa clusters use natural stone and local design elements to create a motif in perfect harmony with virgin sandy beaches and the pristine hillside landscape.