A Romance & Wedding Journey

Take on a romantic tour of seven amazing destinations in Greece and Cyprus to explore lands of diversity and captivating sceneries, through the lens of Zach – @leaguetravels and Tara Brose – @taramichellebrose. Join us on this romantic journey and experience our unique Hotels and Resorts from an alluring and enchanting point of view.

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Romance in the heart of a city


Old time luxury

The much treasured Hotel Grande Bretagne is a magical location for a wedding reception. The exquisite ballroom chandeliers, authentic silk curtains and ornate antiques decorating the halls of the Hotel, added rare opulence to Zach and Tara’s special occasion.

The first dawn

Athens is a city of monuments, world-famous museums and valuable archaeological treasures. In its center lies King George Hotel, one of its most luxurious hotels. Follow Zach and Tara in the lavish Penthouse Suite, where they experienced the unparalleled feeling of seeing the sky filled with the colors of dawn, on their most special day.


Capturing the moment

A sneak peek into the couple’s wedding photo shooting, where they are discovering the not-so-secret, but lush and captivating corners of the historic Hotel Grande Bretagne. A memory and a picture to follow them forever on.

Breakfast with a view

A taste of luxury, through a Michelin starred breakfast at the GB Roof Garden. There is not a better way for a couple to start the first day of their lives, than to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast accompanied by a breathtaking view; a window in history.


Strolling around Greece's historic capital

Situated right in the heart of the city since 1874, the landmark hotel is within walking distance of Athens’ historic center. Zach and Tara began their day with a walk around the National Garden, exploring its hidden corners and beautiful spots.

The GB Spa experience

After walking around Athens, the best way to unwind is to visit the beautifully exotic GB Spa and embark on a journey of rejuvenation. The couple relaxed with a couple’s treatment and afterwards a refreshing tea at the atrium.


Romance and history under the infinite blue


Romance with a dash of history

When dreaming of the perfect proposal Zach decided to set on a traditional caique trip along Elounda’s coastline, with chilled champagne and a selection of local treats. Zach and Tara embarked on a romantic cruise, gazing at the colors of the sunset painting the evening sky, with the historic island of Spinalonga at the backdrop.

The proposal

With the view of Spinalonga lying peacefully in the Gulf of Elounda, the couple enjoyed a tasteful and intimate dinner, followed by a wedding proposal in the most wonderful setting. Follow Zach and Tara in this romantic getaway and experience the sound of the waves and the taste of Cretan tradition.


A captivating scenery

Crete is a magical adornment of ancient ruins, combined with some of Mediterranean’s most famed beaches, dreamy villages, uncountable tiny churches and fantastic gorges. It is a place people can connect or bond through what they eat, drink and experience. Zach and Tara chose this location for their wedding ceremony, gazing upon vistas of the gulf of Elounda.

The ceremony

A secluded traditional church on the top of the hill, is the ideal location for a memorable and romantic wedding ceremony.


Waking up in paradise

In the luxurious seclusion of Blue Palace, the couple enjoyed their first breakfast as husband and wife. Amazing architecture and emblematic sea views completed the romantic ambiance.


Zach and Tara, completed their honeymoon in on of the resort’s most idyllic corners. A pebble-mosaic courtyard shaded by fragrant jasmines, provided the perfect haven for the couple, as they tasted their scrumptious breakfast. Crete’s rich culture was the inspiration behind this artisanal traditional breakfast.


Romantic lifestyle in the island of the winds


An Oasis of relaxation

Zach and Tara chose Mykonos as a romantic getaway destination. Relaxing by the exotic pool setting at Santa Marina and sipping handcrafted delicious cocktails, is certainly a perfect way for a couple, to rekindle the romantic atmosphere and unwind.

Unique moments

Mykonos is special in all weathers, whether sunny or not. The couple decided to relax at the premises of lush Santa Marina and enjoy a gloomy afternoon in.


Cycladic beauty

Mykonos is simply unique. Zach and Tara got to see the beauty of the Cycladic architecture and the hidden gems of Mykonos’ Chora. One of them is the beautifully structured Paraportiani church with its unique architecture.

The picturesque Chora

The couple strolled around picturesque Chora and the old port and had the opportunity to experienced the cosmopolitan aura. Illuminated windmills, Little Venice and the white paved alleys of Matogiannia mark Mykonos as a living postcard.


Cocktails by the pool

Overlooking the emblematic Ornos Bay and the near islands of the Aegean Sea, Santa Marina is a captivating destination for romantic getaways. Tara and Zach savored tasteful cocktails by the Oasis Pool, under the afternoon sky, while it was painted by the colors of the fading sun.

Dinner to the tune of the waves

It would be fascinating to delight in your dinner and be able to smell the fresh sea breeze, under the starry night sky. Tara and Zach were fortunate to experience this intimate setting for two, as well as some tasteful delicacies, prepared just for them.

Costa Navarino

Romance under the Messinian sun


Wedding day

Surrounded by a pristine landscape of olive and citrus groves and inspired by the traditions and values of the Greek culture, Zach and Tara had their wedding ceremony in the picturesque chapel in Costa Navarino, accompanied by the sound of the chirping birds.


Discover the ideal location to spend the first moments as newlyweds, in the heavenly nature around Costa Navarino. Gently rolling hills and pristine natural beauty surround the premises, creating a romantic atmosphere.


Suite breakfast

Accompanied by fine landscapes and uninterrupted views, the couple savored a delicious wedding breakfast by their private pool in The Westin, Costa Navarino. Messinian tradition and flavors unraveled as Tara and Zach enjoyed breakfast in their private haven.

Outdoors relaxation

The newlyweds decided to unwind under the Messinian sun, by taking pleasure in an outdoor therapy. The Spa Pavilions, scattered around the premises of Costa Navarino, were the ideal location for relaxation, where the sound of the waves clashed on the shore.


Lounging by the pool

Zach and Tara sipped some handcrafted cocktail creations by the award-winning mixologists of the resort. Honeymoon done right!

The golden shore

The couple basked in at the golden sand Dunes Beach, which stretches for one kilometer across Costa Navarino. The turquoise water of the Ionian Sea washed the shore, as Tara and Zach tried some of the fresh fruits and tasteful juices available.


Romance among the palm trees


Tropical vibe

Set inside an evergreen landscape, framed by beautiful palm trees, Parklane provides the ideal destination for a romantic retreat. Zach and Tara relaxed by the beach, delighting into tasteful handcrafted smoothies prepared for them, while enjoying the tropical vibe of the resort.

Drinks at the Gallery

The couple had some delicious cocktails at the Gallery Bar, as they were watching the sun fading into the horizon. Follow Zach and Tara as they get to know the traditions of Cyprus, through a culinary journey.


Blue lagoon

What better way to feel relaxed before a romantic dinner? The couple enjoyed a series of treatments at the Kalloni Spa, a place that resembles a tropical paradise setting.

A dinner on the Island

The most intimate setting for a dinner, would be your secluded private island. Zach and Tara savored Mediterranean flavors at Islands restaurant, where each space is named after a Mediterranean destination.


A wedding under the palms

A ceremony by the beach, under the shade of the palm trees, with their beloved ones by their sides. That is what Tara and Zach had in mind, when thinking of their wedding day…

Suite life

A beautifully furnished suite accompanied by exotic vistas, is the cherry on top after a captivating wedding ceremony by the beach.


Romance in the medieval times


Majestic Lindos

Follow Zach and Tara to their explorations around Rhodes. The ancient city of Lindos was the first stop. Built around the 10th century BC, Lindos is equally captivating when you gaze upon her from afar or when walking in the snake-like little roads.

The arch

The couple paved under the iconic arch, located at Sheraton Rhodes, where the romantic ambiance is apparent. At the backdrop a captivating sunset was painting the sky with its colors.


Love in the Medieval times

When walking into the Medieval City of Rhodes, you can see the historical imprint around every corner. A city with Middle Eastern. Ottoman, Italian and Islamic influences, a UNESCO World Heritage monument, is definitely an iconic destination to visit. In a place with such history, it is almost impossible not to find some intimate corners.

Dinner with a view

Zach and Tara enjoyed an engagement party tailor made to their taste. With uninterrupted views over the Aegean Sea and the hills of Turkey, they celebrated life with friends and loved ones.


Bride to be

Tara’s wedding preparation in the beautiful Aelia Suite. The bride starring at the infinite blue of the sea, while getting ready for one of the most significant moments.

Something Blue

Zach and Tara were aiming for a picturesque and secluded wedding ceremony near the sea, they love so. After all, happiness comes in waves!


Romance in the land of sunsets


The mystical air of Mystique

Overlooking the turquoise expanse of the Aegean Sea and the steep Caldera, Zach and Tara sipped handcrafted cocktails in the pool of Mystique Hotel. The romantic aura becomes apparent, when gazing upon the deep blue of the sea.

A place that stands still in time

The couple found themselves in Alati restaurant in Vedema resort, a 400-year-old winery cave, built with heavy stone walls that allow an old time atmosphere, where they enjoyed a romantic candle-lit dinner in the seclusion of the wine cellar.


A heavenly lunch for two

You can never get enough of the breathtaking view of the Caldera in Santorini. The couple enjoyed a tasteful lunch and some traditional wine, with the open sea stretching below them, before heading to Oia to experience the sun setting below the horizon.

Dreaming of sunsets

Zach and Tara walked to the end of Oia to see with their own eyes an otherworldly spectacle, the sunset. Santorini is famed for the unparalleled sunset images, when the sky is painted in red, pink and purple shades.


Dinner on the edge of the world

A wedding proposal at this balcony in Mystique Hotel, would leave anyone in awe. Imagine tasting a delicious Greek cuisine and starring as the sun fades in the horizon and the lights in each village slowly light up.

The cliff

Reigning over the caldera on the edge of a cliff, Nafsika Estate is the ideal location for countless views, as you can gaze over every part of the horizon. Tara and Zach indulged into the breathtaking vistas and seclusion, to enjoy some private romantic moments.

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