Fitness & Wellness in Costa Navarino

Follow a twelve day journey through Greece as the amalgamation of natural nutrition, action and relaxation, evolve in to the ultimate holistic holiday. Equilibrium is essential in every facet of life and travel should be no exception! We join the League Collective’s Zach and Tara Brose in an active, holistic journey across four destinations hosted by Marriott Hotels. At Pilos Coast’s The Westin Resort

Stay Fit

The Fast Pace of Pilos

How Zach & Tara kept active

– Golf at the Dune Course
– Bike Fitness tour by Navarino Outdoors
– Kayaking tour at Voidakilia Beach
– Outdoor Yoga lesson in the gardens
– Summer yoga on the beach

Welcome Wellness

Oleo Signature Treatment at Anazoe Spa

Heat & Aqua Experience with Thalassotherapy at Anazoe Spa

Eat Clean

Olive Groves

-1827 Bar & Lounge
– Healthy Breakfast at the Dunes Clubhouse
– Flame Restaurant at the Dunes Clubhouse
– Sushi from Onuki Restaurant

Your Holiday Health

The League Collective

Meet Zach & Tara Brose

The League Collective

Married Minds of @leaguetravels

With an appetite for travel and an eye for everything appealing to the ‘Modern Adventurer’. Documenting the ultimate travel inspiration for those living up a modern lifestyle. Zach, a graphic designer and Tara, a former-model turned fashion blogger, find the unique experiences in fashion, food, fitness and more. Maximizing on the obvious attractions while also uncovering the untapped potential of every destination.