A Fitness & Wellness Journey Through Greece


Follow a twelve day journey through Greece as the amalgamation of natural nutrition, action and relaxation, evolve in to the ultimate holistic holiday. Suitably, nurturing the mind, body and soul in the birth place of ancient philosophers, where the contemplation of existence was first conceived. Equilibrium is essential in every facet of life and travel should be no exception! We join the League Collective’s Zach and Tara Brose, in hiking, swimming, snorkeling, yoga, massages, and more, across four destinations hosted by Marriott Hotels.

Find your Fitness & Wellness

  • Map with a marker pinpointing Mykonos


    A destination with a world-renowned reputation, Mykonos needs no introduction. In amongst it's notorious nightlife, winding roads and whitewashed architecture lies the misconception that there is little time for health & fitness. The private beach at Santa Marina Resort makes a myriad of watersports possible, complimented by eating clean & soaking up the sun.

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    As the largest island of Greece, Crete’s natural beauty is vast & unique. Inviting exploration, Crete offers a plethora of opportunities to stay active. Swim, hike & bike against the backdrop of Elounda's cerulean seas. The purity of its nature is a rarity in the modern world of travel. Refuel from the gastronomy of Cretan cuisine & relax with the Elounda Spa experience at Blue Palace Resort.

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  • Map with a marker pinpointing Costa Navarino

    Costa Navarino

    On the coast of Messinia lies Costa Navarino. Scenic beaches of Ionian waters lie at the foot of mountainous mainland. A native food culture has been molded by olive groves & vineyards sweeping it's rolling hills. Accompanied by golf courses & award-winning spa, this region of the Peloponnese promises holistic wellness.

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    Constructed by the signature of nature, Santorini lures an international crowd every year. Yet, it's a disservice to limit your perception of the island to the obvious appeal of the Caldera. Go beyond the iconic blue and white architecture, for yoga on black sand beaches or horseback riding through the streets of Megalochori. After, lounge by the pool & revitalize at the spa of Vedema Resort or Mystique hotel - a healthy holiday calls.

12 Days, 4 Destinations


Beginnings in Mykonos

The sun rises on our journey in the hot-spot of Greece

Being Zac & Tara’s first time in Greece, it was mandatory to commence their journey on the illustrious island of Mykonos. The key to any healthy lifestyle is consistency, @leaguetravels stay at Santa Marina made this easy. The resort offers all the affordances to keep up that dedication to fitness, relaxation and clean eating.

Healthy Holidays are not a Myth

As legend says, Mykonos was the birthplace of Apollo, God of the sun and his sister Artemis, Goddess of the moon. Honor mythology in taking the time to soak up the sun and going on to savor fresh, delicious dinning under a moonlit sky. Who better to pass on some tips on self-TLC from The League Collective themselves.


Continue in Crete

Dive into the Cerulean Sea

Crete’s title as the largest island in Greece saw this leg of the trip as action packed. The Blue Palace Resort makes balance between staying active & restful leisure effortless. Organised by the resort; scuba diving, jet skiing, hiking across the island made fitness a visual joy with the stunning landscape as your scenery. While the Spa and private beach on the Elounda coast offered the couple the ultimate rest and repair.

Cretan Cuisine

Native Delicious Dishes

Zach & Tara found immersion into the unique culture of Crete as therapeutic as immersing into its crystal waters. From Greek cooking lessons to enjoying the fresh seafood, health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are gained from the freshest ingredients endemic to the island. Crete’s gastronomy simultaneously served up wellness and deliciousness to first-timers Zach & Tara.

Costa Navarino

Cleanse in Costa Navarino

Discover the Pilos Coast of the Peloponnesian

Pilos Coast unites slopping hills & vast expanse of vineyards with a panorama of the Ionian sea. The perfect setting for its world-renowned golf course or in prioritizing an outdoor yoga session. Arranged by Navarino Outdoors, @leaguetravels took on kayaking tours & mountain biking. Taking in the picturesque landscape & visiting the ancient sites – still echoing the region’s extensive history – exercise and exploration go hand in hand.

Farm to Table to Spa Treatments

The Westin Resort facilitates Greek gastronomy & luxurious relaxation as seamlessly as it integrates fitness into the area’s gorgeous geography. Nature delivers a feast for the eye and the plate in Costa Navarino, with the area preserved from modern-day pollution, the Farm-to-Table experience epitomizes freshness. Nurturing the mind in Messinia, Zach & Tara found the time to rejuvenate at the award-winning Anazoe Spa.


Our journey comes to a close in the Caldera

Santorini has become an obligatory destination to visit when in Greece, for Zach and Tara it was appreciated for all its evident beauty and all the underrated affordances the island has to offer. In the southern region of Santorini @leaguetravels made the most of their stay at Vedema Resort, in the traditional village of Megalochori. Covering fitness, wellness and nutrition with horseback riding through the village, hydrating with fresh juices at the open-air Jacuzzi and private in Villa spa sessions.

Yoga sessions on the black sand of Perivolos Beach, ancient volcanic eruptions leaving behind a modern day marvel.

...and the Sun Sets in Santorini

In the northern part of Santorini lies Mystique, nestled into the famed Oia cliff face. Savoring healthy breakfasts overlooking the natural architecture of the Caldera, the couple started each day ‘well’. Workouts were taken to another level with the Hotel’s gym maximizing on the same glorious views. Revitalization was easily attainable at the Elios Spa, bringing it all back to center.

It would be remiss to neglect the sunset in this specific corner of the world, so Zach and Tara took on a hike through Oia. You would be hard pressed to find anything like living in the moment during Santorini’s gold hour.

The League Collective

Meet Zach & Tara Brose

The League Collective

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With an appetite for travel and an eye for everything appealing to the ‘Modern Adventurer’. Documenting the ultimate travel inspiration for those living up a modern lifestyle. Zach, a graphic designer and Tara, a former-model turned fashion blogger, find the unique experiences in fashion, food, fitness and more. Maximizing on the obvious attractions while also uncovering the untapped potential of every destination.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well

– Plato

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Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos

Overlooking the Aegean Sea from a private peninsula bordered by sparkling sand and lush gardens Santa Marina, is Mykonos’ most exclusive resort. Beauty and high-end aesthetics are unveiled in your every step, inviting you to an unparalleled summer experience.

Blue Palace Elounda, a Luxury Collection Resort, Crete

Overlooking cerulean waters and featuring 142 private pools, Blue Palace, elegantly blends Greek culture with outstanding service and grace. Escape to the wild beauty and unrivaled island style of a luxe resort, where time seems to stand still.

The Westin Resort Costa Navarino

Inspired by old Messinian mansions, the resort’s low-rise villa clusters use natural stone and local design elements to create a motif in perfect harmony with virgin sandy beaches and the pristine hillside landscape.