A Good Knight’s story, by Sheraton Rhodes Resort

By Journey Greece on October 8, 2019

«Early in the 16th century, Rhodes remains the last stronghold of the West in the Mediterranean. It is just in the heart of this vast territory, the last haven, with its harbor welcoming all ships from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Traders, Merchants, Explorers from all over the world, are gathering in Rhodes to rest before they proceed with their travels, as the Knights of Rhodes remain their last resort for protection against the pirates’ menace.

brown castle under white clouds and blue sky

Europeans visiting the mythical Kings of Persia and Asia, come to Rhodes to buy food and water for the rest of their trip. Merchants of the Silk Road, that have survived the depths of Asia, bring to Rhodes the exotic flavors they allocated in the Far East, beyond the Great Wall, as they pass by in order to sell their goods to the royal courts of Europe.

gray concrete road in between brown brick walls

A Knight-Hospitalier of the Order of Saint John, Sir Fabien de Boisson, has been instructed by his Grand Master of the Knights to invent a unique beverage.

Inspired by all the ingredients of Rhodes’ market, the local spirits, the select distillates of Europe, the exotic flavors of the Far East or the Americas, Sir Fabien created a secret recipe book that included a total of 9 cocktails

Join us at the Knight’s Bar, on the 6th floor of Sheraton Rhodes Resort, the gathering place at the heart of your Rhodian experience, and discover our uniquely crafted cocktails.

Inspired by the life and times of a possibly real (or not) Knight but based on the true flavors of Mediterranean, the Orient and the New World.

Would you embark in a spirituous endeavor with us?

Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Cocooned in the beauty of its attractive lush gardens, with the blue expanse of the pristine waters in front of its private beach, Sheraton Rhodes, has the ideal location, just a short drive from the medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

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