How they “Go Beyond” at Sheraton Rhodes Resort

By Journey to Greece on September 6, 2018

Sheraton Rhodes Resort is celebrated by its guests for its warm hospitality and its smiling staff, in total accordance with the Sheraton Service Culture that is second to none. It is in our heart to make each and every of our guest to feel at home, to enjoy unspoiled holidays and sometimes, we Go Beyond our normal procedure to make sure that no one stays without a big smile; because actions speak loud!

These extra steps, of course, are to be documented! They are reported by our guests, they are shared to their social media accounts and make us all proud to be part of a great team that goes the extra mile to satisfy any wish, to provide with unique experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime. We collected few such stories from last season and we are now presenting to you the ones that were singled out.

The Tooth Fairy

How unfortunate is it to expect your gift from the tooth fairy, but accidentally dispose of the lucky tooth? Thankfully, the mum of our young guest informed us in time, and our associate from the Front Office, Kristine, coordinated a full operation, along with our patisserie, to create a tooth-like cake and a small gift for the young lady, a proof that the tooth fairy actually received her tribute! The result? The largest toothless smile to remember!

A night under the stars

During her visit, a loyal guest and friend of the hotel, was admiring the spacious balcony of her suite, gazing at the open sky. She then wondered what the night sky might look like and how wonderful it would be for someone to actually sleep under the stars. The conversation was heard by an associate while the couple was dining, and later that evening, our Housekeeping team set up a full bed on the balcony, for our guest to have the experience she dreamed off.

The cocktail experience

Imagine to be a single child, traveling with your family to a wonderful resort that happened to have no other children at your age, to join you in the various activities and play with. The solution? You find your best friend in the face of Sakis, our bar tender! Our young guest started learning the basics of making a cocktail with fruits and this becomes a daily routine, till his departure. Big smiles and photos of the two, were featured on happy mommy’s twitter account.

At Sheraton Rhodes Resort we strive to offer all our guests a personalized and friendly service; make them smile, make the most of the time they spent with us, and leave with the best of memories. Many times, we are just as lucky as to Go Beyond and be an actual part of something unique.

Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Ialyssos Avenue, Rhodes 85100, Greece

Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Cocooned in the beauty of its attractive lush gardens, with the blue expanse of the pristine waters in front of its private beach, Sheraton Rhodes, has the ideal location, just a short drive from the medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

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