Traditional Greek Easter Experience at Costa Navarino

By Journey to Greece on March 31, 2017

Messinia’s long history of customs and traditions surrounding the Greek Easter will be brought once again to life this year at Costa Navarino.

The Romanos Resort Easter Lobby

Guests visiting The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort and The Westin Resort Costa Navarino over the Easter (10th – 17th of April) can relax and enjoy the luxury facilities offered at the destination, as well as experience first-hand many cultural activities, associated with one of the biggest celebrations in Greece. Joining the locals in the traditions of the Holy Week, leading up to the joyful culmination of Easter Sunday, presents a unique chance for sharing authentic moments in this seaside, verdant land.

The Romanos Resort Easter at Costa Navarino

Starting from Holy Friday morning, guests will adorn with flowers the “Epitaphios”, sample pasteli (the sesame seed bar made with honey) and discover its history and how it became so popular in the area. In the same evening, a classical music performance will be held, followed by the “Epitaphios” liturgy in the little chapel of St. Sampson within the resort and the Procession.

The Romanos Resort Easter- Resurrection

Coming closer to Messinian culinary offerings, guests can join local women on Saturday morning, to help prepare the traditional Easter bread known as “Lambrokouloura”. This can then be sampled during next day’s breakfast, along with other local delicacies such as “lalangides” served with the sweet grapemust “petimezi”. In the evening, Greek and Jazz music performances await guests, to be followed by the Resurrection liturgy at St. Sampson’s chapel and culminating in a firework spectacle, before the accustomed late-night dinner which includes the cracking of the red-painted eggs.

The Romanos Resort Easter Costa Navarino traditions

Celebrations on Easter Sunday begin with a treasure hunt game for children and continue throughout the day with Easter songs and traditional Greek dances at the Agora, as well as sampling Greek meze dishes, and many local Easter recipes, including the well-known roast lamb on a spit, the key Greek dish for this special day.

The Romanos Resort Easter Costa Navarino Dancing

Easter in Costa Navarino is also a special celebration for children. Besides day-long activities at the SandCastle, a dedicated Easter Fair will unfold at the resort, with many fun activities involving Easter egg design competitions, lantern making, themed face painting, magician shows, and dance, music and puppet theater performances.

The Romanos Resort Easter Costa Navarino Kids Activities

The unique atmosphere of the Easter period in Greece is prominent throughout Messinia, from the bigger towns to the smaller seaside and picturesque villages. Religious proceedings at the small chapels around the area create a devout atmosphere, whereas in the towns of Koroni and Pylos processions follow a route among archaeological sites and take in the region’s rich history.

The Romanos Resort Easter Costa Navarino Saitopolemos

Among many Messinian customs, “Saitopolemos” is a competition involving teams holding tubular home-made fireworks (saites) which still takes place in Kalamata, as does the procession of the Holy Virgin of Eleistria in Koroni on the first Friday after Easter, and in the village of Dasohori the custom of preparing and flying balloons at the church of Aghia Paraskevi is kept alive.

The Romanos Resort Easter Costa Navarino Fireworks

Experience first-hand Messinia’s Easter festivities; click here to learn more and reserve your stay.

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino

The Romanos features extensive grounds with indigenous trees and plants. Spacious terraces, marble exteriors together with contemporary and refined interiors, make The Romanos an ideal choice to experience the authenticity of the environment.

Live the Magic of Greek Easter at Costa Navarino

The unique Greek Orthodox Easter customs revive at Costa Navarino once again this year. Experience first-hand authentic moments and traditions, deriving from the region’s rich cultural heritage, and join the locals in the solemn rituals of the Holy Week.

Feels like Spring at Costa Navarino!

Costa Navarino in spring is almost unbearably beautiful. With two long weekends in March and Easter in late April, why not take advantage to enjoy the spontaneous spring weekends at The Westin Resort Costa Navarino?

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