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The entire prevalence from dementia are nine.23 (95% CI: seven.80–) based on DRG conditions and you may step three.65 (95% CI: dos.79–4.97) considering DSM-IV conditions (Desk 3). The new incidence from alzhiemer’s disease is actually equivalent between the two web sites, however in new metropolitan website prevalence out of DSM-IV dementia are nearly double that on the rural site. Absolute Advertisement was the most typical subtype both in areas, especially in brand new town, even when up to 1/3rd of cases could not feel assigned to virtually any types of subtype (Dining table 4).

CDR scientific seriousness try generally higher for the people that have DSM-IV alzhiemer’s disease than the those with dementia. Questionable diagnoses from DSM-IV alzhiemer’s disease have been nearly inexistent (i.age. one in 51), while dubious alzhiemer’s disease diagnoses represented to you to 5th (21.7%) of one’s full. Yet not, despite excluding all suspicious diagnoses, the latest dementia incidence price surpassed compared to DSM-IV alzhiemer’s disease in section (Table 5).

Correlates off alzhiemer’s disease

Table 6 merchandise study from a few of the sociodemographic correlates regarding alzhiemer’s disease. Brand new frequency of alzhiemer’s disease is strongly years-dependent for requirements, along with both internet (Desk 3). There was a typical pattern to have an enthusiastic inverse organization anywhere between domestic property together with incidence out of dementia. There are as well as both significant inverse associations anywhere between training level and you may alzhiemer’s disease frequency (metropolitan dementia) otherwise style in that assistance (outlying dementia and you may metropolitan DSM-IV). However, about outlying city higher education account was indeed on the a beneficial high prevalence from dementia.


We conducted a thorough you to definitely-stage questionnaire regarding two catchment elements, that urban as well as the almost every other outlying, on south from Portugal, with the main purpose regarding quoting new prevalence away from alzhiemer’s disease. From the following the DRG standards, we as well detected depression and other psychological problems, and that is stated then. We were finding the fresh new crowded metropolitan/residential district areas close Lisbon (the capital), and in the low society-thickness outlying interior nation, where risk activities having alzhiemer’s disease may vary. One of those second regions are Alentejo, with high ratio out-of elderly people (24.2%) and academic profile between your lower inside European countries (9.6% illiterate) . The choice of the metropolitan and you can rural catchment parts reflected this type of hobbies. Regarding the total area attempt, the newest incidence away from alzhiemer’s disease is actually nine.23% (95% CI: 7.80–) using the DRG formula and step 3.65% (95% CI: dos.79–4.97) using DSM-IV criteria.


The very last test dimensions (letter = 1405) try acceptable, due to the fact nearly a third off European degree report shot models not as much as five-hundred within this form of degree . From inside the people epidemiological degree, reaction cost are a bit large for the quicker developed options, and the ones attained in our data is in line with, otherwise a bit a lot better than other previous studies from inside the high earnings countries . Off evaluations between your urban plus the outlying town, the same research process is then followed in of the exact same look category, which should warrant a regional assessment on the good grounds. Although not, potential bias can not be omitted considering high involvement pricing throughout the rural town. During the metropolitan Fernao Ferro, a proportion away from house ended up being weekend homes, and you will weaker social networks perhaps compromised the count on regarding prospective members from inside the allowing interviewers on the homes.

We discover a high incidence off alzhiemer’s disease with the DRG symptomatic formula, compared to incidence of DSM-IV dementia, since seen in earlier times across the websites . As the incidence from dementia (9.2%) is actually lined up in the assortment stated in other DRG training , the frequency off DSM-IV alzhiemer’s disease (3.7%) might be named reduced in the new white of the latest analysis of your incidence out-of dementia of the globe area . The new frequency out of DSM-IV dementia are lower, and discrepancy ranging from DSM-IV alzhiemer’s disease and you may alzhiemer’s disease incidence large on rural in contrast to the urban website. Like with lowest and you may middle income places, mild alzhiemer’s disease may have been less than-thought of of the DSM-IV criteria due to troubles within the setting-up the criterion out-of societal disability, particularly in outlying setup characterised because of the lower degree and you may restricted feeling off dementia due to the fact an ailment distinct from regular ageing .